JF Van den Bogaert



I was born in 1950 near Paris and have lived in Alsace since 1981. I was introduced to modelling and sculpture by the sculptor Henry Murail in the late 1970s. Until five years ago I combined sculpting with my first profession, engineering, but since then I've devoted all my time to the activities of sculpture: modelling in clay or wax, casting and melting in bronze, and always on the theme of WOMAN.

I am an associate of the Taylor Foundation and can be found on the « Drouot Cotation » artists website. I exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris, in Southern and Eastern France and at galleries in Quimper and Alençon.

The female nude is my main source of inspiration because, as I see it, the beauty of women is the smile on the face of the world. The women in my work, as they appear in series of bronzes, emanate a blissful serenity. These are women who freely and naturally express their delicacy and spontaneity. Lithe, lissom, their glances direct, they are mannerly or mischievous, sanguine or sombre.

The style is resolutely figurative: surfaces are smooth and silky – I am seduced by the softness and the light of bronze. Though executed in « classic » style, my work is nevertheless very modern in attitude, presentation and detail. This is obvious to the public who are always sensitive to the contrast between the classic and the contemporary. The pieces moulded in clay are more balanced while those created in wax have a more highly-strung and spontaneous style, resonating with the ethereal and the dynamic in themes of dance and movement.

Emotion, the impulse of life, the thrill of beauty – these are what drive my artistic activity. My work is filled with the joy I feel in the positive contemplation of life. My aspiration is to share the aesthetic emotion which has inspired me. 


I begin by modelling in clay or wax. At this early stage I usually work with a live model. The casting is entrusted to a founder; I participate in the final stages of the casting procedure: the chasing and the patina. The latter, of the warmer spectra, involves the use of transparencies which mirror the reflections in the metal.

My bronzes are signed, dated, numbered and stamped by the founder. Because we never cast more than twelve in a series, each is therefore labelled an «original bronze.» 

At the studio and at the foundry : chasing and patina.
The bronze sun in the darkness of the « Arabesque » mould.